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Learn how frictionless organizations cut costs, grow revenue, and create loyal fans by creating products and services that work so well, their customers never have to contact them for the wrong reasons.

This book will help any customer-facing organization deliver better customer experiences, save money, and increase revenue. Veteran customer service experts Bill Price and David Jaffe, coauthors of the bestseller The Best Service Is No Service, explain how organizations can design products, sales, and support so that customer effort is reduced or, better still, removed. This simplicity for the customer is what Price and Jaffe call frictionless.

The book defines a straightforward methodology, drawing on over thirty practical examples from leading companies across four continents. The approach provides a radically different way for the whole business to focus on the customer experience. It explains how any organization can look at all customer interactions as potential opportunities for improvement and question whether they are helpful or really represent symptoms of friction.

Lower friction innovators are disrupting established businesses in every industry. This is a detailed guide to removing friction for any business from start-ups to major multinational corporations. Being frictionless has become a strategic necessity, and now this strategy is available to any organization.

Wide-ranging examples: The book features numerous examples from companies all over the world in a variety of industries, such as Airbnb, Amazon, Dyson, Nike, Progressive Insurance, Qantas, Tesla, Vodaphone, and Zoom.

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“Price and Jaffe have done it again! The Frictionless Organization should serve as a handbook and checklist for CX professionals the world over! I couldn’t put it down.”

Don Peppers, Author, Speaker, and CX Expert

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Customer Wait Times

This book will help any organisation focus on the whole business or sources of customer friction, and how to remove them.

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Customer First

The book provides a step-by-step methodology to remove customer pain points,

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